Local School Fundraising and After School Music Programs

Bravo Academy of Music works with local school PTA's in fundraising and developing affordable after school music programs and classes. 


We give 10% tuition back to local school PTA's for students who take lessons at Bravo. We work with the PTA to setup a simple flyer marketing schedule to let students know that we give back to the school when taking music lessons with us. PTA's can expect to raise hundreds of dollars a year in steady quarterly payments to the PTA. 

After School Music Programs

We help local school PTA's set up after school music enrichment programs and classes. We provide an instructor and instruments for up to 15 students in a 45 minute class once a week for 8 weeks. We provide this at a very affordable price of $400 paid by the PTA. This price is for the time and cost of paying the instructor only. Bravo does not gain any monetary profit from the class other than the marketing of the studio. This cost can then be passed down to the parents at a very affordable price of $27 for an 8 week after school music class. Students can take home and borrow the instruments for practice at home. Parents can choose to purchase the instrument and/or continue lessons with Bravo after the class has ended.