Private Music Lessons

Bravo offers private music lessons in piano, voice, guitar, violin, drums, bass, ukulele, woodwinds, and brass. Students will work one on one with a university trained music teacher who will focus on creating a custom lesson plan depending on the student's level and progress. Beginning students should expect to be playing simple songs and music by 6 months to 1 year of lessons with proper practice and commitment. It might take a beginning student 4 or 5 years till they hit their intermediate stage while advanced students have been studying music and their instruments for 10+ years. Learning to play music has many benefits for kids, teens and adults. Even if a student does not take lessons long term they will gain a knowledge and appreciation of music that they might not receive elsewhere. It is never too late to start taking music lessons and to start taking advantage of the benefits it provides.


Kids ages 4 - 6 usually start on piano/keyboard or ukulele. At this age teachers focus on teaching basic fundamentals and appreciation for music. Kids are also open to take violin or drums, but these instruments take a little more discipline to learn at such an early age. At age 7-9 guitar, piano, ukulele and violin are the most popular lessons to take they can also take voice lessons. For kids ages 10 and up students are ready to start on any instrument they choose including most woodwind and brass instruments. At this age kids really start showing progress in vocal lessons.


The most popular instruments for teens are guitar, voice, drums, and bass. Teens tend to gravitate towards these instruments because they are great for learning modern music like pop and rock. They can also play with each other in bands, such as our Rock Band 101 class. Teens are ready to start taking lessons in any instrument they choose piano, voice, guitar, drums, violin, ukulele, piano, woodwinds, or brass.


Adults make up about 20% of our students and most start out as beginners.  Adults learn much faster than kids and it is never too late to start learning to play and appreciate music! Adults can start on any instrument their heart desires, but most choose piano, guitar or voice. So, quit telling yourself you always wanted to learn to play guitar and just do it. Music lessons help adults to maintain normal motor skills and brain functions especially in seniors.